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eCommerce Project Manager (F/H)


Vous serez en charge de conduire des projets eCommerce chez Hilti pour la région Europe de l'Ouest (France, Espagne, Portugal, Belgique/Luxembourg). Vous aurez la responsabilité de développer nos plateformes numériques destinées aux clients, y compris le site Web, les applications et les solutions eB2B (solutions d'achat à payer) pour la région de l'Europe de l'Ouest et le marché français. Plus particulièrement, vous gérez des projets de dimension internationale dans leur intégralité, nécessitant une bonne pratique de l’anglais professionnel et technique.

eCommerce Project Manager, (W/M)- CDI

Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE

You will be in charge of driving eCommerce projects at Hilti for the Western Europe region (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium/Luxembourg). You will have the responsibility of developing our customer facing digital platforms including the website, apps and eB2B (Purchase to Pay solutions) for Western Europe region & the French market. The role is based in France, Boulogne-Billancourt (92) with 2 days of home office possible per week.

Digital marketing project manager, (F/H) – CDI


Vous serez en charge de piloter les initiatives de marketing numérique chez Hilti (y compris l'automatisation du marketing) en collaboration directe avec les équipes mondiales & européennes ainsi que le marché français et d'autres marchés de la région Europe de l'Ouest (Espagne, Portugal, Belgique / Luxembourg). Vous aurez la responsabilité de créer / mettre en œuvre des campagnes percutantes qui produisent des résultats tangibles pour le public directement ciblé (interactions client significatives, prospects de haute qualité et impact commercial).

Digital marketing project manager (W/M) – CDI


Your will be in charge of driving digital marketing initiatives at Hilti (including Marketing automation) in direct collaboration with the corporate teams as well as the French market and other markets from the Western Europe region (Spain, Portugal, Belgium / Luxembourg). You will have the responsibility of creating / implementing impactful campaigns that deliver tangible results for the audience directly targeted (meaningful customer interactions, high quality leads & business impact). The role is based in France, Boulogne-Billancourt (92) with 2 days of home office possible per week.

Brand & Marketing Content Manager (F/H) – CDI


You will be responsible for planning, developing and implementing the digital content strategy for the Western Europe region & the French market. You will have the responsibility for the management, production & implementation of Digital marketing content. The role is based in France, Boulogne-Billancourt (92) with 2 days of home office possible per week.

Berechnungs-/ Simulationsingenieur Batterie- und Zellsimulation (m/w/d)

Kaufering nahe München

Sie sind ein begeisterter und erfahrener Berechnungsingenieur mit Know-How im Bereich der Batteriesimulation? Ihre Leidenschaft ist es mit Ihrem Können und Ihrer Erfahrung direkten Einfluss auf die Entwicklung innovativer Produkte zu nehmen? Ihr Mut zu neuen Lösungen fällt bei uns auf fruchtbaren Boden. Mit Ihrer Kreativität treiben Sie in einem interdisziplinären Team Lösungen für herausragende Produkte voran.

Computational/Simulation Engineer Battery and Cell Simulation (m/f/d)

Kaufering near Munich

Are you an enthusiastic and experienced calculation engineer with know-how in the field of battery simulation? Are you passionate about using your skills and experience to have a direct influence on the development of innovative products? Your courage for new solutions falls on fertile ground with us. With your creativity, you drive solutions for outstanding products in an interdisciplinary team.

Specification Engineer – Kundansvarig ingenjör med affärsdriv

Stockholm/Norra Sverige

Vill du vara med och utveckla byggbranschen genom att sälja tekniska lösningar i absolut framkant? Hilti Engineering i Sverige består idag av drygt 30 ingenjörer som genom förståelse och erfarenhet av de tekniska utmaningarna i byggbranschen skapar värde för våra kunder. Detta gör vi exempelvis som partner i projekt med BIM-fokus där vårt erbjudande inkluderar allt från att optimera installationsupphängning, via avancerade logistiklösningar till BIM to Field-tillämpningar där vi med hjälp av en robot borrar hål för infästningen.

Development Engineer Battery Technology (m/f/d)

Kaufering near Munich

In our interdisciplinary battery research team, you will work closely with your future colleagues from the research department and product development to be part of the development of the next generation of high-performance battery solutions and to contribute to the further improvement of our battery systems. Applying your broad knowledge in battery technology, you will support various projects to demonstrate the feasibility of new ideas. You will further develop technologies for our applications and make them ready for implementation in our products.

Automatisierungstechniker*in / SPS-Programmierung

Kaufering nahe München

Sie möchten Ihre Arbeit nicht nur am Schreibtisch erledigen, sondern fühlen sich auch in einer Prüffeldumgebung wohl und können so unsere Produkte auch „begreifen“. Mit Ihrer Erfahrung entwickeln und betreuen Sie unsere hochmoderne Prüftechnik für unser gesamtes Elektrowerkzeugportfolio. Gemeinsam mit Ihrem Team für Prüfstandsbau arbeiten Sie im Testfeld im Herzen der Entwicklung am Puls der Zeit.

Entwicklungsingenieur Batterietechnologie (m/w/d)

Kaufering nahe München

In unserem interdisziplinären Batterieforschungsteam arbeiten Sie eng mit Ihren zukünftigen Kollegen und Kolleginnen aus der Forschungsabteilung und der Produktentwicklung zusammen, um bei der Entwicklung der nächsten Generation hochleistungsfähiger Batterielösungen dabei zu sein und zur weiteren Verbesserung unserer Batteriesysteme beizutragen.

Intern- Supply Chain and Operational Excellence

Liechtenstein, Schaan

Bringing operational excellence in production supply chain to the next level will be the main target of this internship. In order to increase speed and agility within our plant Schaan, you will be running projects related to supply planning, value-stream optimization and data analytics. As a results-oriented, innovative and self-reliant person, you will join our small and motivated team, which will support you to realize your full potential. Start date is flexible to the student's availability (ideally from August / September), duration of at least 5 months.

International BIM Modeler

Berkel en Rodenrijs

Are you an engineer, architect, or modeler who knows various BIM-related technologies such as Revit, Dynamo, and others? Do you have a strong engineering background and are you passionate about BIM? Are you able to combine complex design concepts with down-to-earth people skills? Then we are looking for you!

International BIM Lead Modeler

Berkel en Rodenrijs

Do you get excited by the idea to work on major, complex international projects such as data-centers, hospitals, or high-rise buildings? Are you driven by providing great solutions? Are you eager to develop standards within an international environment? Then we are delighted if you are considering joining our team of experts at the BIM Competence Center!

Test Engineer Support Student / Werkstudent (f/m/d)- part time

Lanzenkirchen, Wiener Neustadt

We are looking for a highly motivated student (f/m/d) to join our testing & development team in Lanzenkirchen near Vienna. In this role you will support our Development Engineers, Technical Project Leaders and Testing Team in ongoing projects, with main focus on product testing and CAD-modelling. This will give you the opportunity to see inner workings and processes of a multinational matrix organization. In this role you will work 20-25 hours a week with main focus on our advanced product development. Start date is flexible to your availability (ideally from Aug/Sep 2021).